Hemp Nutrition

Shelled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Pro­tein , Hemp Oil and Hemp Hon­ey. We’ve got your nutri­tion cov­ered.

It doesn’t surprise us that our little hemp grain has been a staple on people’s tables for thousands of years.

Why stop now? Nutri­ent-dense, and easy to eat on-the-go hemp is a sim­ple and effi­cient food to include as part of a well-bal­anced diet.

BALANCED - Fea­tur­ing a com­plete amino acid pro­file, even on their own, they deliv­er exact­ly what your body needs.

DIGESTIBLENo cook­ing, soak­ing or crush­ing required! Hemp is the only plant to make pro­tein from edes­tin, which makes it eas­i­ly digestible — unlike ani­mal pro­teins or processed foods that require an extra effort.

GLUTEN-FREEThat’s right! Imag­ine the pos­si­bil­i­ties!

SAFENo tox­ins, aller­gens, GMOs, estro­gen com­pounds or undi­gest­ed waste mate­ri­als includ­ed.

SUSTAINABLEHemp grows just about any­where with­out the need of harm­ful fer­til­iz­ers, her­bi­cides or pes­ti­cides. Plus, it requires less water to pro­duce than wheat, rice or soy. We’re pret­ty proud that nei­ther Earth nor any ani­mals are harmed in the grow­ing and pro­cess­ing of hemp.



GLA (Gam­ma Linolenic Acid) is believed to help pre­vent inflam­ma­tion. Hemp is one of only five known sources for GLAs around the world.

15x as much fat-fight­ing CLA (Con­ju­gat­ed Linole­ic Acid) as fish oil.

Hemp seeds con­tain the high­est amount of PUFAs (Polyun­sat­u­rat­ed Fat­ty Acids) like Omega-3 & 6s with approx­i­mate­ly 47g of PUFAs in every 100g of seeds.

Near­ly zero car­bo­hy­drates — less than half a gram of sug­ar per 20g serv­ing!

Sol­u­ble & insol­u­ble fiber

Cho­les­terol-fight­ing phy­tos­terols (con­tain­ing 1480mg per 20g serv­ing)

Min­er­als like cal­ci­um, mag­ne­sium, iron, and zinc

Vit­a­min E & oth­er antiox­i­dants

B vit­a­mins, includ­ing folate

Vit­a­min D, which makes it the only known plant food source of this bone-build­ing “sun­shine” vit­a­min.

Overview of Hemp Nutrition


Hemp Foods make any meal good for you!

Hemp Hearts — Sim­ply eat the soft tasty lit­tle nuggets right out of the bag or add to any (sweet, spicy or savory) meal for a nutri­tious boost. It is espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar to add 1 or 2 table­spoons to a bowl of break­fast cere­al or a smooth­ie; they even go well with yogurt or ice cream.

Hemp Pro­tein — ‘per­fect for smooth­ies’
The eas­i­est way to use Hemp Pro­tein pow­der is to add at least 2 table­spoons to a smooth­ie. Ath­letes wish­ing to recov­er faster and those want­i­ng to build clean lean mus­cle may wish to dou­ble or triple this amount to make sure their bod­ies have an ample sup­ply of mus­cle build­ing nutri­ents through the day.

Hemp Flour — Gluten free and full of fiber the health ben­e­fits of adding a lit­tle hemp flour to your diet will give your body and pal­let plen­ty of rea­sons to explore the dif­fer­ent ways that you can use hemp.

Hemp Oil -‘nour­ish­es you inside and out’
The most pop­u­lar way to increase your intake of essen­tial fat­ty acids is to mix hemp oil with bal­sam­ic vine­gar and use it to dip your favorite bread into. It can also be used to make healthy sauces by com­bin­ing it with herbs and lemon juice and veg­eta­bles such as dried toma­toes in a high pow­ered blender. Hemp oil tastes great just the way it is, direct from the bot­tle. Of course the eas­i­est way to incor­po­rate hemp oil into your diet is to just driz­zle some over what­ev­er meal you are hav­ing; sand­wich, cur­ry, sal­ad, pas­ta, rice — it goes with just about every­thing. Just remem­ber it should not be used for cook­ing in order to avoid nutri­ent degra­da­tion. Alter­na­tive­ly, hemp oil makes an excel­lent all over face and body mois­tur­iz­er and mas­sage base oil to which you can add your favorite essen­tial oils. It is high­ly absorbent and won’t leave you greasy.