In life, it’s the little victories that matter.

Like feeding your family delicious, healthy foods that support our communities.

At Vic­to­ry Hemp Foods, we grow with Amer­i­can farm­ers in your back­yard. Then we process the super­food of the future: a tiny grain that’s packed with the per­fect bal­ance of nutri­ents like omega fat­ty acids, mag­ne­sium, cal­ci­um, and fiber. A tasty pro­tein pow­er­house with more than 2x the amount of pro­tein per serv­ing than chia seeds, you’ll want to blend it into your morn­ing smooth­ie or toast it for a spec­tac­u­lar sal­ad top­ping. Real­ly, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are up to you! How­ev­er you use it, we’re sure that with Vic­to­ry Hemp Foods, every meal will be a lit­tle vic­to­ry for you, your fam­i­ly, and your neigh­bor­hood farm­ers, too.



Hemp in Politics

While Con­gress is mak­ing strides to cre­ate leg­is­la­tion that will allow us to uti­lize domes­tic hemp nation­wide, we’re also on the front lines work­ing with farm­ers to return our land to a thriv­ing agrar­i­an com­mu­ni­ty with hemp at the helm.

Our roots are in the soil and our eyes are fixed on a hori­zon that wel­comes a new day where farm­ers in our com­mu­ni­ty can return to the soil and make a healthy liv­ing with­out com­pro­mis­ing their land or poi­son­ing their envi­ron­ment with mod­ern chem­i­cals. Hemp can light the way.

Farming a new row crop

We are chang­ing the way peo­ple live and work by har­ness­ing the free mar­ket and using its pow­er to restore our farm­lands and those com­mu­ni­ties. And we’re pas­sion­ate about doing so. While we are a “food” com­pa­ny at our core, we care most about being an indus­try leader that is pos­i­tive­ly impact­ing the envi­ron­ment and our com­mu­ni­ty at-large. It’s our priv­i­lege to pro­vide these healthy, safe and sus­tain­able foods.

Aligned with our cus­tomers and our country’s farm­ers, we are com­mit­ted to mak­ing a change where pos­i­tive impact from U.S.-based busi­ness­es is need­ed and can make a sub­stan­tial dif­fer­ence.

The day we win is the day we tell a new sto­ry about how 100% of our hemp foods are grown in and processed on Amer­i­can soil. How can we sup­port U.S. based farm­ers? Leg­is­la­tion is alive and active in Con­gress that would change the laws that hin­der domes­tic farm­ers; remov­ing bar­ri­ers which ham­per the domes­tic hemp indus­try and our econ­o­my from ful­ly uti­liz­ing this incred­i­ble plant to reach its poten­tial.

You can read more about Leg­is­la­tion action and impli­ca­tions here.